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Need a Coffee??

If you are a local then you will understand when I say it's like music to our ears when we hear that the Cafe and Coffee shops are opening up for the season.. it's been 4 long months we have suffered without them!

You see, most of our wonderful Cafes close here over the wet season.. and most of us are on count down until they open again. If you are a Coffee and Cake lover, or like my husband a Coffee snob you most certainly won't be disappointed with what Kununurra has to offer, and they all have something different and special.

If you start your Cafe tour in town then pop into Kimberley Cafe and check out their cold brew coffee, next check out the fantastic selection of gelato at Wild Mango, I recommend the Ferrero,  then stop by Cornerside Cafe to make yourself feel better with a health food lunch ;-) Take yourself off to Ivanhoe Cafe and sit under the trees with a mango smoothie, stop by the Sandalwood Cafe for afternoon tea and let the kids run their energy off at the playground... oh and grab some hand sanitiser from the Sandalwood factory shop, it's amazing (sorry there's the germ phobia resurfacing!). Then you must check out Stonecraft Cafe for one of their famous lemon meringue pies, your taste buds will thank you for it! And last but not least is my personal favourite which is the Rum cake at the Hoochery distillery, it is to die for... and go on have a cheeky Rum taster while you are there ;-)

As you can see there is plenty to keep your tummies happy while you are here... and if you need help in finding them all pop in and see us here at the Visitor centre and we can give you a map....enjoy!!!..

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