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Messing about on the River...

One of the favourite things to do in Kununurra is to get on the water; many of the locals have boats and spend the weekend's water skiing, wakeboarding and cruising Lake Kununurra or Lake Argyle.

If like me you aren't that lucky there are other options available to get your fix. Of course there are many cruise companies on the Lakes that offer sunset and sightseeing cruises, but if you fancy taking in Lake Argyle at your own pace then Lake Argyle Cruises offer Kayaks, Stand up Paddleboards and small boats to hire which won't break the bank.

Remember the old me, the one that was scared of nature... yeah that one, well, I've hired both Kayaks and Paddleboards and not only been very excited about it but was actually quite good at it, ok actually the Kayak I was, the Paddleboard not so much....OK, I sucked at the Paddleboard, must work on the core.

Also, Lake Argyle is home to around 30,000 Freshwater Crocodiles....wait, what? Yes you heard that right, 30,000 Freshwater crocodiles....CROCODILES. But as I keep getting told by the locals 'they're only freshies, she'll be right'....OK then.

However if someone had handed me a plastic boat and a paddle and told me "off you go then" a couple of years ago I would have not so politely told them where to put it.

Anyway, don't let any of this put you off, I haven't been nibbled at yet and Kayaking and Paddle boarding is great fun!! Explore the lake at your own leisure, visit the waterfalls and just take in the amazing scenery and wildlife, just don't forget your water and sunscreen!

It's a must do on my list for locals and tourists, make 2017 the year you've been and done it!

P.S I did as my Husband puts it 'quite dramatically' capsize my kayak...should have worn that life jacket. I may or may not have come up gasping for air screaming "something touched my leg, Help!" Dramatic....? Um, acting appropriately to the situation I would say (and maybe a tiny bit of the old me crept back in) ;-)

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