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Experiencing the East Kimberley!

Let me introduce myself, My name is Angela and I am the Marketing Coordinator at the Visitor centre :-)

So, I was dragged to Kununurra against my will over 2 years ago with my Husbands work. You see, I'm a city girl at heart and what my husband would say 'scared of nature'.

And he's right..I'm a germophobe with a slight case of OCD, I value good hygiene, would rather not catch a tropical disease, and quite frankly wish to stay away from any form of wildlife that might potentially kill me. And somehow I've managed to avoid the 'let's go camping' turning into a reality for nearly 10 years!

But, you know what, I'm still alive and yes the Kimberley has stole my heart and won me over. Swapped was my city car for a 4x4 boasting ridiculous accessories that I still wonder 'are we going on the life threatening safari?' But I'm told are all completely necessary. I now spend my weekends on adventures, exploring the amazing landscape, visiting water holes, hiking gorges and camping in extraordinary locations, hell my kids even do bush poo's... don't ask.

Visiting the Kimberley will be the best decision you make, whatever your budget there is something amazing to experience.... So what are you waiting for!? Make 2017 the year you've been,

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