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The Kununurra Visitor Centre is run by and for its members, therefore, maintaining a strong base of members is crucial to the success of the KVC and inherently the tourism services that we can offer.

The KVC currently has just over 150 members, which comprises a mix of local tour and accommodation operators, general businesses and interstate businesses, looking to engage with the 70 000+ visitors that come through our doors every year.

Although our core focus is on visitor servicing, which often means providing advice and booking facilities for tours and accommodation; the KVC is often dealing with queries of varying nature and hopes to support non-tourism based organisations just as much.

A recent study commissioned by Tourism Research Australia, found that visitors are likely to spend $104 more in a town after visiting a WA visitor centre! Click here to read more information about the findings.

The KVC offers varying levels of membership to suit your business and your needs.





Please call us on 08 9168 1177 or email for more information, we would love to have you on board.