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Kununurra Weather

EAST KIMBERLEY CLIMATE - Average Temp. (c) Average Rainfall (mm)

   Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  July  Aug Sept   Oct Nov   Dec
 Max  36.4  35.5  35.3  35.5  32.9  30.5  30.2  33.6  36.4  38.3  38.8  38.0
 Min  25.1  24.9  24.1  21.3  19.1  15.9  15.0  17.5  20.8  23.7  25.4  25.0
 Rain  196  213  140  21.2  10.0  1.3  3.9  0.1  2.8  25.5  70.9  105


So you are travelling to Kununurra and the East Kimberley and are wondering what clothes you'll need to bring for those pleasant dry season nights and warm East Kimberley days.

If you refer to the weather graph attached you will notice the East Kimberley has quite a varied weather pattern ranging from the low 30's during June / July up to hot and often humid low 40's during the wet season months of Nov /Dec/ January.

The East Kimberley is very much laid back and casual so you will need to pack cool casual clothing to suit. There are a variety of restaurants and eating houses that require neat casual attire so pack apporopriate clothes just in case you wish to dine out for a special occassion.

The East Kimberley is a region chock full of bush walks, historical strolls and adventurous explorations into spectacular gorges or cascading waterfalls so you had better put in some comfortable walking shoes, at least a two litre water bottle, a wide brimmed hat and cool comfortable walking clothes.

Evenings get a little cool so pack a light jumper, pullover or coat.

From about November on, the weather changes dramatically. The temperature rises to around the 40 degree mark and the nights remain warm. The humidity also rises at this time - a time locally referred to as the "build up" where storms clouds threaten but there is little rain.

The wettest months are in January and February and although not the ideal time to be travelling, these months offer some of the most spectacular sights of raging waterfalls, roaring rivers and a land replenished by the rains.

Tours at this time are also limited as is road access so be sure to call ahead to the Kununurra Visitor Centre on +61 8 9168 1177 to get all the current information on tours or road conditions or email