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Ellenbrae Station


  • Lot 7 Gibb River Road, Durack, WA, 6743, Australia
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Scones on the Gibb and Relaxing Bush baths. Perfect spot to relax

Ellenbrae Station covers 1 million acres in the Kimberly, Western Australia. It is approximately 230km from Kununnarra on the Gib River Road. Predominantly a cattle station, it has become a popular stop over for tourists during the dry season. Ellenbrae also invites day visitors to come up our short 5km driveway to stretch your legs in our gardens and view our rustic Kimberley homestead whilst enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and our delicious Gibb River Road famous scones! Ellenbrae is the perfect oasis with friendly hospitality to give you a well deserved break from the Gibb River Road.

Ellenbrae Station offers a spot for guests to relax. Ellenbrae Station offers campgrounds, rooms and Safari Tents. Bookings are only taken for rooms and Safari Tents. No bookings for campgrounds. Overnight guests also get a chance to explore our two waterholes. The homestead is open to day visitors and overnight guests from 8am to 4pm for scones, light snacks and drinks. For overnight guests there are two waterholes to explore and swim. Guests staying in the Rammed Earth accommodation and Safari tents there is an extra waterhole for a swim close to your accommodation. We also offer tyre repairs.

Ellenbrae Rammed Earth Stockman Room and Safari Tents are based near the homestead. There are four rooms and two Safari Tents:

– Family room Rammed Earth Accommodation: Double bed and 2 singles(family)

– Queen Bed Rammed Earth Accommodation: Queen bed

– Safari Tents: 2 Single Beds

Rammed Earth Stockman Rooms have a comfortable beds, sink, water supply, mozzie net and a light. There is no power to the cabins.

Safari Tents have comfortable beds and lights.

There is a communal ablution block for guests and a camp kitchen, fire pit/BBQ area (fire wood is supplied) The cabins and safari tents offer a comfortable alternative to the campsites found throughout the Kimberly region and along the Gibb River Road. Included with the rooms and tents are the famous Ellenbrae scones.

Ellenbrae is the place to wash off the Gibb River Road dust and soak yourself into relaxation with our Baths in the Bush.

Ellenbrae has two campsites Ringers and Jackaroos Camps. The campgrounds are set amongst nature and offer shady and secluded sites. The amenities are a unique design built from locally sourced material creating a look of rustic charm. The hot water for the showers are heated by a donkey heater. In Ringers camp there is a bathtub where you can soak away the Kimberley dust. Both areas have wood fired BBQs and areas if you wish to mingle. There are two waterholes for you to explore. One a short walk from the campground and the other a 5km drive and a 800m walk. Both are great spots to have a swim, fish for freshwater fish and a spot of bird watching.

Bookings are not required for camping sites.

Location & Directions

  • Lot 7 Gibb River Road, Durack, WA, 6743, Australia

Cancellation policy

The customer shall comply with all Government (Federal and State) COVID-19 vaccination or testing requirements for entry into Western Australia or Kimberley Region. Where the customer does not meet a vaccination or testing requirement:

(a) prior to departure from the customer’s home location the customer will forfeit any and all monies paid. Where the customer cancels due to travel restrictions other than vaccination or testing requirements the customer will be contacted and offered a refund or credit note (to be used at a later time) where such an offer is at the absolute discretion of the operator. The operator reserves the right to withhold some monies to cover administrative expenses and other losses dependent on when notice of cancellation is given by the customer. If the room is cancelled within 48 hours of arrival full payment is required.


  • Lot 7 Gibb River Road, Durack, WA, 6743, Australia
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