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Kununurra Museum

At present the Kununurra Museum is Open Mon-Fri - 12.30 to 5.30pm (Always dependent on dedicated volunteer availability). The wet season is a good chance for locals to see their history - So if the gate is open and Open signs out - Please feel free to come in and soak up some Ord River history.


Kununurra Museum is run by dedicated volunteers of the Kununurra Historical Society, who have been actively collecting the local regional history for over 30 years (inaugurated in 1986). These are stored in our purpose-built archive facility in the museum building.

The museum has a growing collection of objects from as old as 1,800 million years ago. Several HD TV screens and a wall projector, run date-sorted slideshows of over 8000 images, with over 2000 of these also online, as well as the Kununurra Museum YouTube Channel, you can Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for some fascinating #KimberleyHistory.

Visit the museum to see some fascinating history, documenting the Ord Irrigation Project, the fossil record of the region, and many other aspects of our regional history.


225 metres from the Kununurra Post Office - See a historic form of town map PO to the Kununurra Museum on our website. (Contact)