Bungle Bungle Tours

Located 300km from Kununurra, the Bungle Bungle Range is an astonishing formation of beehive-shaped sandstone domes and is one of only 20 UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites in Australia. With a range of ways to experience the World Heritage listed site (self-drive, fly/drive, fly), checking out the ‘Bungles’ is an East Kimberley adventure must-do!

From Kununurra, take a scenic flight in a plane for some of the best views you can experience in the East Kimberley. The sheer size and the changing landscapes will have you clicking away with your camera while the pilot guides you with a live commentary about the area. For an even closer look from the air, you can experience the Bungles by helicopter from the Bungle Bungle Caravan Park, Warmun or from within the Park itself! Plane/heli combos are available ex-Kununurra.

Once in the Bungles, there are several walks of varying length and difficulty. Fly/drive tours from Kununurra can include the spectacular amphitheatre of Cathedral Gorge and the narrowing gorge of Echidna Chasm or if you are self-drive, you can enjoy additional walks into Mini Palms or Homestead Gorge. Guided tours provide informative commentary about how the land was used by Aboriginal people many years ago, local art sites, flora, fauna and much more.

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