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7 Days in Kununurra

What can you do with 7 days in Kununurra and the surrounding area? The simple answer is lots..!

Day 1

Arrive into Kununurra, the eastern gateway to the Kimberley; firstly make sure you come and see us at the Kununurra Visitor Centre for all your information and maps. Orientate yourselves and spend the day visiting local points of interest such as: a visit to the local Argyle Diamond mine jewellers for the perfect luxury souvenir that you will never forget; Celebrity Tree Park and Kununurra Historical Society Museum, for those interested in the towns colourful beginnings, with many photos and artifacts on display; Lily Creek Lagoon, the Diversion Dam; and Kelly's Knob, particularly at sunset, to take in the astonishing views of the Ord Valley and Lake Kununurra; or, even try a movie at the outdoor picture gardens.

7days day1


Day 2

Take a thrilling day cruise on the Ord River between Lake Kununurra and Lake Argyle. Speed up the river and take in the amazing scenery and wildlife, including freshwater crocodiles, eagles and the elusive kingfisher. Arrive at the enormous Lake Argyle and before taking a leisurely trip on the 2000 square kilometre mass of water, delve into the Kimberley history by visiting the Argyle Homestead.
For the more adventurous of traveler, opt for a self guided canoe of the river over 1, 2 or 3 days and marvel at the plethora of local wildlife in your own time and camp under the stars.

7days day2


Day 3 

Don’t miss the chance to take to the skies and experience a scenic flight of the World heritage Listed Purnululu National Park, the Bungle Bungle range. In a once of a lifetime flight you will awe over the ancient landscape below and never forget the beehive like structure formed over millions of years. Be sure to step inside the National Park with a local guide and marvel in the natural amphitheatre that is Cathedral Gorge. The return flight will take you over the largest operating diamond mine in the world, Argyle Diamond Mine, day trips are also available at this impressive site.

7days day3


Day 4

Enjoy a real outback experience and explore the area on horseback or by 4x4, carving out your own route into the rugged wilderness and impressive landscape or join one of the many tours that are available. Check out the spectacular gorge country and discover breathtaking walking tracks and fresh waterholes to cool down in.

7days day4


Day 5

Take a trip down the Lower Ord River in search for the elusive barramundi and lookout for the some saltwater crocodiles along the way! The barramundi fish is typical to the Kimberley but catching one isn’t easy – join a fishing tour or even a helicopter tour where you can seek out some secret locations that won’t disappoint!

7days day5


Day 6

Just an hours drive from Kununurra is the small port town of Wyndham, take a drive out to what is known geographically as the ‘Top Town of the West’. Wyndham has a diverse history of the cattle and mining industries, a small frontier town the typifies the true character of the Kimberley region. Visit places of interest such as the Five Rivers Lookout, Bastion Ranges, Three Mile Valley Walking Tail and Wyndham Port.

7days day6


Day 7

Before you leave town make sure you find something to take with you; explore Kununurra’s contemporary and indigenous art and craft galleries. Find out about the unique Zebra Rock mined near Kununurra visiting the showrooms and taking home your own piece of Kununurra! Tour around the Ord River Irrigation Area and discover its fertile land, growing vast amounts of fruit, sandalwood and chia. Stop in at the Hoochery, WA’s longest functioning rum distillery and taste the best Ord River Rum. Visit Argyle Diamond jewellers for the perfect luxury souvenir that you will never forget!

7days day7