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Western Australia's vast coastline offers people a variety of great fishing experiences. Recreational fishing is a popular activity that involves around 34 per cent of the State's population, contributes more than $570 million a year to the State's economy.

The Kimberley has often been hailed as Australia's last frontier. When it comes to recreational fishing it would be difficult to argue otherwise. Like most top end fishing the Kimberley is the home of Australia's premiere sportfish the Barramundi. It's the fish that people dream of catching when visiting the Kimberley. Barramundi is the name given to the fish by the Aboriginal people meaning large scaled fish. Although the Barramundi does not rate high on the menu for Aboriginal people it is often depicted in stories and art throughout the Kimberley region.

In the vastness of the coast and the many rivers and estuaries here in the East Kimberley lie some of the best kept fishing secrets and some of the most scenic and most exciting fishing in the country. The Cambridge Gulf provides many opportunities for quality estuary fishing where Fingermark Bream, Threadfin Salmon, and Mangrove Jack, Mulloway along with the Barramundi are more sought after, and provides excellent eating qualities.

The Ord River since the construction of the dams now provides a constant flow on the waterway, which has increased the habitat for fish species, and allows fish such as the barramundi to migrate more freely in the upper river reaches. This provides a unique year round fishing environment for anglers.

In recent times local community have recognised the importance of preserving key angling species such as barramundi for the longer term. Through the establishment of a local recreational fishing advisory committee and in consultation with Fisheries WA, Community has undertaken the necessary steps such as, increasing awareness and education, which will ensure the quality fishing experience we presently enjoy here in the Kimberley, is maintained for future generations. The increase in the fishing participation rate and visitors to the region has meant that managing the fishery with a limited understanding is difficult, however should be on the side of caution.

The State government has provided funding towards promoting Lake Kununurra as a must-visit fishing destination for Australian and International anglers.  This includes a new website which showcases the attraction of Lake Kununurra as a fishing destination.   The new website is a great resource for planning your fishing visit.  It contains a variety of information including where and how to fish and some great videos and photos. 

Fishing Restrictions

Restrictions can vary throughout WA, for more information click here.

Safe Fishing Areas

There are many safe places to fish safely in and around Kununurra. Please ensure you check with the Kununurra Visitor Centre for the latest road conditions.

Pentecost River - 4WD

The Pentecost River in the East Kimberley region is famed as one of the best spots in the area to go barramundi fishing. The epic four wheel drive track, the Gibb River Road, crosses over the Pentecost River and this crossing is the ideal place to throw in a fishing line.

Ivanhoe Crossing - 2WD

Ivanhoe Crossing is a causeway built over the mighty Ord River. Snare an elusive barra from a boat on the river, and keep an eye out for crocs which trawl just beneath the water. You might even see one sunbaking on the river banks.

Mambi Island & Boat Ramp - 4WD

Mambi Island is along the Parry Creek Road. There is great fishing, a boat ramp and camping permitted. A great base for a few days of fishing in the mighty Ord River.

Lake Kununurra - 2WD

Fish along the banks of Lilly Creek Lagoon for some Silver Cobbler and Brim or head out in a boat further onto Lake Kununurra.

Lake Argyle - 2WD

Head down to the foreshore and throw a line in or enjoy a fishing trip out on the open water.

Spillway - 2WD

On route to Lake Argyle, stop at Spillway Creek to try your luck at catching the elusive Barramundi.

Crocodile Safety

Waterways in the East Kimberley are home to both estuarine (saltwater) and freshwater crocodiles. As a general guide, if an area has the potential to hide the elusive barramundi, it is also likely to be home to saltwater crocodiles. Below are some safety rules to abide by. If you're unsure please contact us.

  • Observe warning signs. The absence of a warning sign does not mean it is safe to swim or enter the water.
  • Look out for crocodiles, especially when children and pets are near the water.
  • Stand at least a few metres back from the water's edge when fishing.
  • Estuarine crocodiles have no fear of humans and will swim towards small boats. Leave the area immediately if you see one.
  • Don't lean over the edge of a boat or stand on logs overhanging the water.
  • Don't paddle, clean fish and prepare food, or camp at the water's edge. Fill a bucket and do your chores at least 50 metres away. Don't return regularly to the same spot at the water's edge.
  • Dispose of food scraps, fish offal and other wastes properly and away from your campsite.
  • Don't feed crocodiles.







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