Kelly's Knob Lookout

Kelly's Knob provides 360 degree view of Kununurra and is a great spot to sit and watch the sunset on another Kimberley day.


Just a couple of kms on the outskirts of town, Kelly’s Knob is the highest point in Kununurra and offers an excellent viewpoint of the township, taking in the Ord River, Lake Kununurra, Elephant Rock and the Ord River Irrigation area.

Once you reach the car park it is approximately a 1.2km round trip to the top and some parts of the climb are a bit challenging so it is recommended to wear sturdy shoes and take some water with you (or a cold beer!). It is impressive by day but even more so in the evening as the sun sets and the sky glows across the vast land.


Head North out of town onto Speargrass Road and follow the sign on the right which takes you up Kelly Road