Key Messagestravel rules

  • The coronavirus (COVID-19) has the potential to do great harm to the Kimberley’s 221 remote Aboriginal communities.
  • Aboriginal people living in remote areas are more at risk of serious illness from the coronavirus than other people.
  • If the coronavirus gets into an Aboriginal community, it is likely to spread quickly and make residents very sick.
  • To help protect our Aboriginal communities, there are strict travel restrictions in place.
  • Tourists and travellers are not allowed to enter any remote Aboriginal community in Western Australia.
  • Fines of up to $50,000 may apply to anyone who breaches the restrictions.
  • Only some Aboriginal communities are excluded from the restrictions.

In the Kimberley, the following Aboriginal community amenities are currently open to tourists and travellers:

Dampier Peninsula, West Kimberley

  • Burrguk (entire community)
  • Djarindjin roadhouse
  • Dampier Peninsula police station
  • Djarindjin airstrip (private airstrip)
  • Embulgun (entire community)
  • Gnylmarung (entire community)
  • Googar Goonyool (entire community)
  • Goombaragin (entire community)
  • Gumbarnun (entire community)
  • Lombadina (entire community)
  • Mercedes Cove (entire community)

West Kimberley

  • Imintji campground
  • Imintji store
  • Imintji arts centre
  • Mimbi visitor access road
  • Mimbi visitor reception building
  • Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre

East Kimberley

  • Violet Valley campground in Baulu-Wah
  • Carranya (entire community)
  • Wuggubun (entire community)
  • Doon Doon (Woolah) caravan park
  • Doon Doon (Woolah) roadhouse


All other remote Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley and their amenities are closed to tourists and travellers.

Please travel responsibly – help keep our Aboriginal communities safe.

For more information, call 13 COVID (13 268 43) or visit