Kelly's Knob Lookout

Kelly's Knob provides 360 degree view of Kununurra and is a great spot to sit and watch the sunset on another Kimberley day.


Kelly's Knob is a great place to watch a glorious sunset and is just over a km from the centre of town. With a sealed road to the car parking (around half way up the mountain) with a short walk to look over the town of Kununurra, the Ord irrigation area, Lake Kununurra and the Sleeping Buddha!
If you're feeling adventurous you can walk to the very top for 360 degree views (1.2km round trip). It is quite steep in places and challenging for some people, make sure you take some water with you, or even a coupe of cold beers to enjoy as the sun sets over the town. It's also useful to take a torch or something similar, for the climb back down.


Head North out of town onto Speargrass Road and follow the sign on the right which takes you up Kelly Road