Broome Hovercraft

Enjoy some magnificent and intriguing sights of the Broome town coastline and the wonders of Roebuck Bay. Hover over very low water, tidal flats and sand bars to places inaccessible by any other means. Learn about the history of Broome and check out the famous Dinosaur footprints left behind 120 million years ago.


Broome Hovercraft currently has one hovercraft with a total seating capacity of 13.

Types of flights range from a one hour Scenic and Prehistoric tour, a 1 3/4 hour Sunset Cocktail tour and other special flights to see the Flying Boat wrecks and charter operations to suit the group.


Take Port Drive from anywhere in town. Drive towards the Port for about 7 km until into the 60kph zone in the Port Precinct. Another 150m on the left will be a sign towards the Hovercraft Base.

Cancellation Policy

Full fare will be forfeited if tour is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled time for departure. Individual circumstances will be assessed.